Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Bond

Ah, i have not been writing for a long time... ^_^

Just a few days ago my long six years course had ended and i can, no matter how silly it may seem to be, call myself as one of those graduates. Then, just a few days ago i said goodbye to all my friends (48 of them) for we had been together through this long journey, knowing and growing up together. There's so many things said, and so many things left unsaid. I just hope that after this, no matter how long it is, we will meet again and see what kind of adults we will turn out to be...

Here's to my friends.

Our Bond

A simple smile
A silly fight

A silent tear
A crazy laugher

A short refusal
A deep acceptance

An unbearable hate
An innumerable love

A sudden lost
A soothing happiness

An exhausting pain
A concluding success

An unforgettable experience
A memorable journey

The unacceptable mistake
The forgiven hands

The usual smile
The bittersweet tears

A simple goodbye
A simple goodbye...

Minna sayonara!

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