Friday, January 15, 2010

Fragments (Post-mortem)

Hahahaha... I seriously wanted to write a love story. Since i am incapable to really indulge in romance, i thought that a simple and subtle love story will be okay. But, in the end the story turned out to be a crazy psychological thriller just like many stories i posted in here... hehehe... perhaps it is true that i can't write romance. Even 'Shinkansen' the novel i'm currently working on does not belong in that genre.

Sorry, about the Japanese phrases i'm using. I was thinking to post the translation for all of them, but, i don't have much time to do that. If you can't understand them, do left me a message and I will try my best to put in the translation. The reason why i had been switching Japanese and English is that some phrases are better be left said in Japanese and there are certain mood that I wanted to emphasize as they are said so.

I'm sorry for putting some violence and gory abuse in this story. I don't know, it made the story looked real and appropriate with the genre (what am I? A masochist?!!!).  That is why, i think, this story is suitable more to adults than children or young teenagers. Poor Shiki-senpai. He was really screwed up that night. I also had a story with the same theme when i was 16, The Golden Rain. Because my English was not that good that time, i stopped. Maybe i should start working on this after this.

Truly, i enjoyed writing this story. It is also my first time writing things like this. If you notice, i focused more on the dialogues rather than the descriptions. I think, it would be great to give my readers the freedom to imagine things themselves. And i like the part when Shiki figured that Aki was just a hallucination and was still clueless that he is one of Akari's hallucination as well. I suddenly had that thought when i was drafting the final part and was quite surprised myself. Poor guy... And it was quite sad, i think. And, Akari loves both of them, since they were also a part of her and she didn't want them to get hurt. That is why, i think, she decided not to have any hallucination anymore. (She said that Aki decided that herself, though. Weird girl! Anyway Akari and Aki is the same person, so... Any decision from Akari is Aki's decision too).

i also would like to apologize for the crazy ambiguities i put in the final part. Yes, the characters are all talking and the point of views switches from time to time without me telling you. i purposely did that, since they are all the same person... hehehe...sorry! And, one more thing, did anyone notice how on earth Shiki found Akari/Aki? And where exactly is Akari/Aki? Absently playing the piano as she wishes... She's a psychiatric patients, isn't she? Hahahah... that is another weakness on my part. Actually i was thinking to tell readers that Akari/Aki was taken out from the hospital and lived with her relatives, aunts or whatever in Okinawa, the place where she grew up. And some times had passed too judging from Shiki's injuries which had already heal. Or maybe Shiki just knew where she was, and he just need to materialize in front of her because he herself was not real, who knows... hehehe... My friend will scold me if she's reading this. "You're the one who wrote the story, how come you didn't know yourself?!!!" Hahahaha... it won't be fun if i know, and besides, mysterious characters are unique and will be remembered better than the common and easy-to-read ones.

By the way, the song at the end of the story is A Time for Us, from Romeo and Juliet. I was hooked to this song the moment i heard it years and years ago and i found it again in YouTube last months (And i already practiced it with my keyboard at home for a couple of times. It's beautiful). I guess, the song is mysterious and suitable with this story. i did imagine some credits with this song as the ending song...Hahah! And i did imagine the instrumental version of this somewhere in part 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10. Maybe i should include the video so that you can listen to the story OST(lol!).

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